our story

History of our manufacture

The brands Disicide®, All1Clean® and Trimmercide® have all VEGAN Certificate
and belongs to Terapima Sweden which was founded in 1972 in Sweden and is part
of Terapima Internatiol Group LTD there we have 3 factories that manufacture
OEM/Private label together with our own brands. We are a family business company
with a long history and extensive experience in the manufacture of Aerosols, Wipes,
Disinfectants, Cleaning products, Glues, Floor varnishes and Paints for artists and
children. We only manufacture water-based products and the products are approved
according to the CLP / REACH regulations, FDA and European safety standard for
toys, EN 71. Our goal is the environment and our raw materials are chosen based on
environment and substance aspects. We manufacture many of our bottles ourselves
before production to reduce transport on our roads.


Disicide brand founding

Recent market analyses have shown that while environmental issues are still in consumer’s minds, their health is their primary concern. They now seek natural alternatives, which they perceive as safer. Consumers now expect sustainability to be the norm in disinfecting and cleaning products.

This is how an idea was born to find water-based and solvent-free products with Hospital grade disinfection for the Beauty industry. We have all the resources and can give customers what they need. Our chemists were working for 17 months to find the best water-based formula that would still kill germs and work under EU regulations EU regulations EN 14476, EN 14561 – EN 14562. Documentation was sent to ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) and in 2017 Disicide® was on the Article 95 list in approved substances.

To cover all customers’ needs in disinfection & cleaning we completed a range of products with cleaning items from Wipes, All1Clean® and Trimmercide® lines.

Our Values

Customer oriented approach

We take pride in receiving positive feedback from each of our partners – our distributors in different countries worldwide.

Doing the right thing

We are doing the right thing and are happy to be able to make this world cleaner without causing harmful consequences.

Thinking long term

We know we succeed only when our customers succeed. We do business in an open, direct and sustainable way.