Disicide® Concentrate

Sizes: available in 2 sizes,
600 ml and 1500 ml



· Powerful Disinfection: Say goodbye to germs, bacteria, and viruses with Disicide’s expert formula.
· Cost-Effective: A little goes a long way! Dilute our concentrate for budget-friendly, long-lasting protection. Mixing ratio: 1:32 | 30 ml Disicide® Concentrate to 1000 ml water.
· Safe & Non-Toxic: Protect your clients and staff with a non-toxic disinfectant that’s gentle and eco-friendly.
· Regulatory Approved: Comply with industry standards and ensure the highest level of hygiene, according regulations EN 14561, EN 14562 and EN 14476.
· Water based, Vegan certified, ethanol free concentrate

How to use:

We recommend wearing disposable gloves and using Disicide® jars to perform sterilization.
To prepare the solution, mix Disicide® concentrate with water in ratio:
Plastic bucket: 120 ml Disicide® Concentate per 4000 ml of water.
Large glass jar: 30 ml Disicide® Concentate per 1000 ml of water.
Medium glass jar: 25 ml Disicide® Concentate for 750 ml of water.
Manicure table glass: 5 ml Disicide® Concentate to 160 ml of water.

Once the solution comes in contact with instruments you need to change it 24 hours later at max.
Sizes: available in 2 sizes, 600 ml and 1500 ml