Disicide® Laundry Disinfectant

Sizes: available in 2 sizes,

1000 ml and 5000 ml



• Water – based, ethanol free and environmentally friendly biocidal product ready to use.
• Highly effective and unique product that is specially disinfect towels and working clothes.
• Proven effective against bacteria and virus under EU regulations EN 13697.
• Instead of washing on 60°C you can use 30°C program and get the desired antibacterial effect.
• The product does not bleach and can be use on textiles and fabrics of any color.
• How to use: Use detergent and softener as usual, add 50 ml of concentrate per wash in softener compartment and wash at 30-40 °C.
If you have no visible stain on your laundry, you can skip detergent and softener and use only the concentrate. Disinfects washing machines as well.
Sizes: available in 2 sizes 1000 ml and 5000 ml