SKAI Clean & Care Spray

Size: 300 ml and 1000 ml trigger


  • Skai is a water-based, alcohol- and solvent-free, vegan antistatic cleaner and conditioner that protects your vinyl, artificial leather, PU future fabric, eco leather
  • Skai cleans surfaces and provides protection against everyday dirt, sweat and prevents dehydration
  • For best results, use once a month with a microfiber cloth. Do not use on genuine leather, nubuck or suede
  • Skai removes everyday stains, dirt and mildew
  • No hazard class for transportation and not flammable, not regarded as dangerous goods

How to use:
Use your microfiber cloth to remove visible dirt.
Spray on your furniture at a 20-30 cm distance and ensure that the entire surface is properly damped.
Clean and wipe off with a microfiber cloth.

Recommended frequency of use:
Every month for general cleaning, or as needed for stain removal.
Regular cleaning.
How often you need to clean your furniture will depend on its colour and how quickly it gets stained.
If you have light coloured furniture or if your furniture is heavily used you will need to clean your furniture more often.

Size: available in 2 sizes 300 ml and 1000 ml trigger.