Trimmercide® Blade Care
7 in 1

Size: 500 ml jar and 500 ml spray bottle



Internal cleaner that extends the life of your blades as it conditions the metal on your blades.

• 7 in 1 – Anti – Rust, Cools, Cleans, Deodorize, Lubricates, Vitamin – E and Human/Animal safe.
• Product is specially made for to extend life of trimmer blades. Solution quickly cleans blades, lubricates and conditions the metal, so blades stay sharper longer.
• How to use: Allow clipper blade to cool completely. Pour a small amount into the provided lid. With blade still attached to clipper, immerse blade only in cleaner, carefully turn clipper on and keep the blade in the cleaner for 5 to 10 seconds to rinse away excess hair and other buildups. Turn off clipper and wipe off excess.
Sizes: available in 2 sizes 500 ml jar and 500 ml spray bottle.